Since a few weeks Hazcalc for Teams is available.

The past year we got several requests for the option of working together as a Team with Hazcalc. However a team bussiness license was already availabe, every individual user has its own working environment. This means that every user worked with its own dataset. As a result of this other Hazcalc users of the same Team, could not see the assessments made by other team members. This means that working together on the same project or assessment from within the software was not possible.

But from now on it is possible to work together with other Team members with the same datasets, substance properties and much more. The company adminstator of Hazcalc can add users, give them access to the shared dataset when needed, and give them the appropriate rights.

HAZcalc for Teams can be enabled after contacting us through our webform or via direct email: [email protected]